KonText interface manual

Unlike the previous interface NoSketchEngine, the KonText interface has a horizontal menu. The items on the menu are sorted on two levels. The main functions can be found on the hierarchically higher level: this level is available whenever it is possible to apply the given function. The hierarchically lower level represents quick, more detailed or special options. A detailed description of working with the interface is available on the basic course.

Except for the standard use via the web interface, it is also possible to query KonText via an API.

Konkordance lemmatu hledat v rozhraní KonText

The first two items on the main menu perform actions which do not apply to any specific corpus or retrieved concordance. However, they make it possible to search for and select these items. The remaining menu items are dependent on the context – they work with the selected corpus or, additionally, alter or evaluate the given query.

    • Concordance
    • Paradigmatic query
    • Word list
    • Keywords analysis
    • Recent queries
    • Available corpora
    • My subcorpora
    • Create new subcorpus
    • CSV
    • XLSX
    • XML
    • TXT
    • Custom
    • Current concordance
    • Sorting
    • Shuffle
    • Sample
    • Query overview
    • Archive query
    • Undo
    • Positive
    • Negative
    • Lemmas
    • Node forms
    • Doc IDs
    • Text types
    • Custom
    • Custom
    • KWIC/Sentence
    • Corpus-specific settings
    • General view options
    • How to cite the corpus
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • User manual

How to cite KonText

Tomáš Machálek (2014): KonText – Corpus Query Interface. FF UK, Praha. Available at WWW: <http://kontext.korpus.cz/>.

Tomáš Machálek (2020): KonText: Advanced and Flexible Corpus Query Interface. In: Proceedings of LREC 2020, s. 7005–7010.