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Form for saving results

This item is used for saving results from the corpus KonText interface. It works as a context selection, meaning that it saves the information currently displayed onscreen. In this way it is possible to save a concordance, a list of collocations or for example a frequency distribution.

The user can select one of the available output formats:

  • CSV (a text format which keeps the column format of the data)
  • XLSX (format used for spreadsheets, e.g. MS Excel)1)
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • TXT (plain text in UTF-8 coding)
  • Custom (which allows for the selection of both format and range of the saved results)

In the basic setting all the options (CSV, XLSX, XML i TXT), with the exception of the final option, save only a limited concordance or frequency list sample (first 50 lines). If you want to save all of the lines of the given results, it is necessary to select the option Custom.

Another possible way of sharing and citing results is to save a (URL) link leading directly to the result. After inputting this link into a web browser, anyone with access to the CNC corpora (and specifically to the corpus which yielded the results) can produce the identical results. In a situation where a large number of successive steps were taken to reach the results, or in cases when the steps were computationally complex, the reproduction of results can take as long as several minutes.

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Multi-table frequency results are now exported to Excel in individual sheets.