How to begin working with the Czech National Corpus

Portál pro práci s korpusy www.korpus.cz

The ČNK sources can be accessed through the portal www.korpus.cz. For licensing reasons, in order to gain full access to the features offered by CNC, the user is required to complete a free online registration (follow the link for registration in the upper bar).

Public access

Without registration and signed declaration, the following tools are still available to users:

Registration for full access

Full access is free of charge for anyone who is willing to undergo the simple process of electronic registration and agree with the terms and conditions of using the corpora. Apart from a larger selection of corpora, the CNC support forum is available to registered users, as well as an entire range of special functions offered by the user-friendly KonText interface.

Binding conditions for the granting of access to the CNC corpora, arising from the license conditions of text providers and other valid regulations:

  1. I undertake to use the access to the CNC corpora and other CNC sources solely and exclusively for study, research, teaching and similar non-commercial purposes 1).
  2. In the case of the publication of concordances, collocations, frequencies or any other data acquired with the aid of one of the CNC corpora, I will include the given corpus and other relevant publications in the sources. Citations used cannot be longer than 100 words of continuous text.
  3. I will enter any academic works and theses created with the CNC sources (corpora, tools, texts etc.) into the Repository of publications based on the CNC, (Biblio).
  4. Access to the CNC corpora is not transferable and is granted for a limited period of time with the possibility of extension 2). The CNC reserves the right to restrict or cancel access at any given time.

If you already have your login and password, you can log into the KonText interface (select the Kontext link on the top bar) and input your first query. You can consult the Manual or our Course for working with the EEBO corpus.

Language data

We are also able to also provide “tailored” language data for users and research institutions for whom access to the corpora from one of the available interfaces does not suffice. These are data packets derived from the published corpora in a way that respects the limitations arising from the entered agreements and other valid regulations. Specific licensing depends chiefly on the nature of the provided data. If you are interested in the CNC language data, feel free to contact us!

Commercial purposes do not include the use of frequency or other general data and/or limited contexts of individual concordances for literary works and/or the compilation and improvement of dictionaries, grammars and similar linguistic, philological, pedagogical or didactic handbooks, provided that these data and/or contexts are used to a reasonable extent and provided that their usage is not contrary to copyright laws.
The expiration of user accounts automatically shifts every time the user signs in to one of the CNC applications.