Our applications

Manuals for our tools with their brief description are available on individual pages:

KonText a web interface for working with CNC corpora (available here; API)
Word at a Glance
(Slovo v kostce)
a word profile aggregator (available here)
SyD corpus study of variants (available here)
Morfio a tool for analyzing morphological relations (available here)
KWords an application for the extraction of keywords (available here)
Treq a database of translation equivalents (available here; API)
Pro školy a web page with corpus-based exercises for language learners at schools (available here)
Calc a calculator for basic statistical tasks most commonly encountered in corpus research (available here)
Lists a frequency lists browser (available here)
Mapka a map application for working with corpora of spoken Czech (available here)
KorpusDB a database of word forms and lemmas attested in the CNC corpora (available here)
QuitaUp a tool for calculating stylometric indices in texts (available here)
GramatiKat a tool for research of grammatical categories (available here)
Akalex a tool for research of Czech academic vocabulary (available here)
Alpha a query translator from natural language to CQL (available here)

Any difficulties or uncertainties regarding the use of the CNC tools can be discussed at any time on our online user support forum (registration is necessary).