Corpus SYN version 6

Name SYN version 6
Position Number of tokens 4 834 739 998
Number of tokens without punctuation 4 033 178 647
Number of word forms 11 266 270
Number of lemmas 8 056 403
Structures Number of documents 100 159
Number of texts 15 494 077
Number of sentences 307 694 879
Other information Referential YES
Representative NO (predominantly journalism)
Publication year 2017

Every SYN corpus contains all the synchronic written corpora of the SYN series published up until the time of the given version's publication. The corpus SYN version 6 therefore contains the corpora SYN2000, SYN2005, SYN2006PUB, SYN2009PUB, SYN2010,SYN2013PUB and SYN2015; additionally, it contains a journalistic component predominantly from the years 2010–2014 (already included into SYN version 5 and SYN version 4) and as yet unpublished journalistic texts from 2016 in yearly volume almost 200 mil. words.

Because all of these corpora are disjunctive (i.e. they do not contain the same texts), the total size of the SYN version 6 is given by their sum, which makes 4.033 billion words (tokens without punctuation). The SYN corpus is not representative; the dominant component is journalism, which is the result of the predominance of journalistic corpora SYN2006PUB, SYN2009PUB, SYN2013PUB and the journalistic component from the years 2010–2016.

The SYN version 6 corpus is referential, and will remain accessible to users even after newer versions have been published. It is however necessary to keep in mind that the linguistic information will become outdated, as a natural result of the referential nature of the corpus. Individual versions of the corpus SYN will continue to be published regularly every year with the addition of current journalistic data, and every new addition will be given the attribute value <doc syn> equal to the version of the SYN corpus in which the given text first appeared; for example a subcorpus corresponding to the above mentioned (as yet unpublished) journalistic component can be created from the SYN version 6 with the help of the condition syn="v6".

Composition of the corpus SYN version 6

Referential written language corpora (synchronic and general) ordered by date of creation
corpus size (words) lemmatization morphological tags publication year corpus description
SYN2015 100M 2015 representative corpus, mainly texts from the years 2010–2014
SYN2013PUB 935M 2013 corpus of journalistic texts from the years 2005–2009
SYN2010 100M 2010 representative corpus, mainly texts from the years 2005–2009
SYN2009PUB 700M 2010 corpus of journalistic texts from the years 1995–2007
SYN2006PUB 300M 2006 corpus of journalistic texts from the years 1989–2004
SYN2005 100M 2005 representative corpus, mainly texts from the years 2000–2004
SYN2000 100M 2000 representative corpus, mainly texts from the years 1990–1999

Journalism in SYN version 6

The composition of the journalistic part of the corpus SYN version 6 covers the production of most of the national daily newspapers (Mladá fronta DNES, Lidové noviny, Právo, Hospodářské noviny, Blesk, Sport), regional daily newspapers (chiefly Deníky Bohemia and Moravia published by Vltava Labe Media) and non-specialized magazines (Reflex, Respekt, Týden) from the years 1998–2016; the total number of journalistic titles is 176. The following graphs show the composition of the SYN corpus based on the main text types over the years and offer a closer look at the composition of the journalistic section.

Composition of the corpus SYN version 6
Composition of the journalistic part of the corpus SYN version 6

Structure and annotation of the new SYN corpus (syn v6)

SYN v6 is identical to its predecessors (version 5 and version 4) as regards its structure and annotation of texts, i.e. it is based on the hierarchy of structural tags and their attributes (e.g. <opus name> was replaced by <doc title>), and also on the classification of texts from SYN2015, with these two exceptions:

How to cite SYN version 6

Křen, M. – Cvrček, V. – Čapka, T. – Čermáková, A. – Hnátková, M. – Chlumská, L. – Jelínek, T. – Kováříková, D. – Petkevič, V. – Procházka, P. – Skoumalová, H. – Škrabal, M. – Truneček, P. – Vondřička, P. – Zasina, A.: Corpus SYN, version 6 from 18. 12. 2017. Ústav Českého národního korpusu FF UK, Praha 2017. Available online: http://www.korpus.cz.

Hnátková, M. – Křen, M. – Procházka, P. – Skoumalová, H. (2014): The SYN-series corpora of written Czech. In Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14), 160–164. Reykjavík: ELRA. ISBN 978-2-9517408-8-4.

Michal Křen, Olga Richterová, Michal Škrabal

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