WaG: Word at a Glance

The Word at a Glance (WaG) application creates a basic overview of how the searched word is used. It encompasses information which can be obtained from CNC corpora using all of the tools available, and creates a clear word profile from various perspectives.

At present (October 2019), the WaG application is implemented only for Czech sources and features two basic modules:

  • a word’s profile in Czech (the Search for word module)
  • information about various translations of the searched word into other languages (the Search in two languages module)

The application is available at: https://www.korpus.cz/slovo-v-kostce/ or directly in the search field on the main page of the CNC portal.

The application includes a context-sensitive help feature, which provides additional information about data sources and possible interpretations of the results.

How to cite WaG

Tomáš Machálek (2019): Word at a Glance – Word Profile Aggregator. FF UK, Praha. Available at WWW: <http://korpus.cz/slovo-v-kostce/>.

Tomáš Machálek (2020): Word at a Glance: Modular Word Profile Aggregator. In: Proceedings of LREC 2020, s. 7011–7016.