Calc: Corpus calculator

The CNC Corpus calculator was created to provide quick support to corpus users when calculating basic statistical tasks most commonly encountered in research. As of October 2019, the app is divided into 7 modules reflecting specific research problems:

  • calculating confidence intervals of frequencies for more adequate interpretiation
  • comparing frequencies of words in one corpus
  • comparing frequencies of words in two corpora
  • establishing the level of reliability of a random sample analysis
  • evaluation of results based on groups of features (in a sample)
  • lexical richness calculation zTTR
  • n-gram corresxpondence in different languages

The app is available at the address https://www.korpus.cz/calc/ and for the ease of orientation has been equipped with context-sensitive help, including descriptions of typical use-cases.

Calc: Corpus calculator

How to cite Calc

Cvrček, V. : Calc: Corpus calculator. FF UK. Praha 2019. Available at: <http://www.korpus.cz/calc>.