Karel Havlíček’s Correspondence Corpus

Karel Havlíček’s Correspondence Corpus (KH-DOPISY) contains all letters related to Czech writer and journalist Karel Havlíček (1821—1856), i.e. either written by or addressed to him, including those sent to the newspaper offices lead by him. The letters are written in various languages (mostly Czech, often German, seldom Polish, French, Russian, etc.).

All 1203 documents are transliterated, i.e. keep original orthography. The corpus is neither lemmatized nor tagged.

Structural units and metadata used in this corpus are summed up in the following table:

structure attribut description
<doc> date date or dates of writing
<doc> writer letter-writer
<doc> addressee addressee
<doc> from where to place of dispatch and delivery
<doc> type type of the writing (letter, draft, handwritten transcript)
<doc> language language or languages used in the letter
<p> paragraph
<g> clause
<note> comment editor’s note

The corpus originated in 2012–2016 within the project 406/12/0691 (Karel Havlíček’s Correspondence) of the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR).

How to cite Corpus KH-DOPISY

Adam, R. – Martínek, F. – Píša, P. – Rychnovská, L. et al.: KH-dopisy: korpus korespondence Karla Havlíčka. Ústav Českého národního korpusu FF UK, Praha 2017. Dostupný z WWW: <http://www.korpus.cz>