Corpus of Academic Czech

The Corpus of Academic Czechs is a complement to Phrase Bank of Academic Czech and includes only Czech-language untranslated texts published after 2010 in scientific journals indexed in the Web of Science or Scopus, or, in some cases, EBSCO databases. Another criterion is the genre of the text: only studies and review articles are included in the corpus, not, for example, reviews or conference reports. In most cases, the texts are in the final editing stage, i.e. they have not undergone final editing or proofreading. The corpus contains articles from a total of 21 titles of Czech-language scientific journals and all six disciplines of the broader Frascati Manual are represented. A more precise composition of the corpus is given in the table below. The predominance of social sciences and humanities is due to the fact that relatively few Czech-language scientific articles are published in other disciplines.

Field Title Word count
1. Natural sciences 1 951 029
Geografie 733 885
Chemické listy 1 217 144
2. Engineering and technology 534 739
Paliva 534 739
3. Medical and health sciences 1 811 902
Cor et Vasa 643 254
Česká a slovenská neurologie a neurochirurgie 1 168 648
4. Agricultural and veterinary sciences 406 257
Zprávy lesnického výzkumu 406 257
5. Social sciences 5 120 839
Československá psychologie 856 683
Český lid 778 212
Obrana a strategie 309 725
Orbis scholae 578 303
Revue církevního práva 665 229
Sociologický časopis 1 053 680
Studia paedagogica 673 108
Vojenské rozhledy 205 899
6. Humanities and the arts 5 434 650
Archeologické rozhledy 1 289 072
Cornova 304 773
Česká literatura 1 446 707
Musicologica Brunensia 455 712
Památky archeologické 409 157
Slovo a slovesnost 760 468
Studia theologica 768 761
Total 15 259 416

The total extent of the corpus is more than 15 million words (almost 20 million tokens) in 3,394 scientific articles. The technical processing of the corpus is based on the corpora of the SYN series. The main difference with the SYN series is that the documents here correspond to individual articles, not numbers. In addition, documents (articles) are further divided into individual sections (<div>) corresponding to text sections with an explicit class designation, which takes on the values introduction, discussion, conclusion and unknown. This breakdown was obtained by heuristic procedures and is therefore not always reliable. Metadata (authors, article title, number, year of publication, etc.) is available for all documents, which has undergone extensive manual revision. The lemmatization and morphological tagging of the corpus correspond to SYN2020.

The author's team would like to thank the editors of the journals included in the corpus, without whose support the Corpus of Academic Czech could not have been created.

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