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-====Main differences in comparison with the Park interface==== 
-  * Same environment for searching both monolingual and parallel corpora 
-  * Faster response, less prone to error conditions 
-  * More features for processing query results (sorting, frequency distribution, collocations) 
-  * An option to display results even when the equivalent is missing in one or more of queried languages (**include empty lines**) 
-  * The corpus size is measured in the number of positions (words including punctuation), not words 
-  * The number of results indicates the number of positions that satisfy the query, while in Park it was the number of segments 
-  * Unless the range of texts is not restricted by the user, the search is performed in all texts, including collections (not only in the core of corpus) 
-  * The search results are shuffled, which may result in longer response time. If this is not desirable, the user may ask for displaing query results according to the order of texts in the corpus; this order puts all texts in the core before collections. To do it, just uncheck **View/General concordance view options/Other options/Shuffle concordance lines by default**. 
-  * The user can create and save their own subcorpus. 
-  * Query results cannot be displayed horizontally, with each language in a separate row rather than in a column 
 ====Access to the corpus==== ====Access to the corpus====