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 +====== Corpus FSC2000 ======
 +The FSC2000 Corpus is a reference source and a complement to the //Frequency Dictionary of Czech// (FSČ), which was published at the end of 2004 by NLN. The FSC2000 Corpus is based on the [[en:​cnk:​SYN2000]] corpus and its development is described in Czech [[cnk:​FSC2000|here]]. One of the consequences of this process is that the texts in the FSC2000 corpus are in fact a subset of texts in the SYN2000 corpus. The exact size of the FSC2000 corpus is 95 854 929 of word forms (without punctuation marks); the size of 114 363 813 corpus positions, provided by the corpus manager, is information including both the word forms and punctuation marks. ​
 +===== See also =====
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 +[[en:​cnk:​syn|SYN]] • [[en:​cnk:​SYN2000]] • [[en:​cnk:​SYN2005|SYN2005]] • [[en:​cnk:​syn2006pub|SYN2006PUB]] • [[en:​cnk:​syn2009pub|SYN2009PUB]] • [[en:​cnk:​SYN2010|SYN2010]] • [[en:​cnk:​SYN2013PUB|SYN2013PUB]]