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 +====== Corpus deWaC ======
 +**deWaC** is a 1.7 billion word corpus constructed from the Web limiting the crawl to the **.de** domain and using medium-frequency words from the SudDeutsche Zeitung corpus and basic German vocabulary lists as seeds. The corpus was POS-tagged and lemmatized with the [[http://​​projekte/​corplex/​TreeTagger/​|TreeTagger]] using this [[http://​​~schmid/​tools/​TreeTagger/​data/​stts_guide.pdf|tagset]],​ more information available [[http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=papers:​wacky_2008.pdf|here]].((Copied from: http://​​doku.php?​id=corpora#​german.))
 +===== Citing deWaC =====
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 +M. Baroni, S. Bernardini, A. Ferraresi and E. Zanchetta. 2009. The WaCky Wide Web: A Collection of Very Large Linguistically Processed Web-Crawled Corpora. Language Resources and Evaluation 43(3): 209-226. ([[http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=papers:​wacky_2008.pdf|PDF to download]])
 +===== See also =====
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 +[[en:​cnk:​frwac|frWaC]] • [[en:​cnk:​itwac|itWaC]] • [[en:​cnk:​ukwac|ukWaC]]