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 ==== Citing specialized applications ==== ==== Citing specialized applications ====
 +**Word at a Glance (WaG)**
 +Tomáš Machálek (2019): Word at a Glance -- application for word profile aggregation. FF UK, Praha. Available from <​http://​​slovo-v-kostce/>​.
 +Tomáš Machálek (2019): Word at a Glance – a Customizable Word Profile Aggregator. In: //​[[https://​​v/​CE-2019-1512_CLARIN2019_ConferenceProceedings.pdf
 +|Proceedings of the CLARIN Annual Conference 2019]]//, s. 85–88.
 **[[en:​manualy:​kontext:​index|KonText]]** **[[en:​manualy:​kontext:​index|KonText]]**